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 What is the Buyer Beware List?

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What is the Buyer Beware List? Empty
PostSubject: What is the Buyer Beware List?   What is the Buyer Beware List? EmptyDecember 2nd 2009, 00:47

Buyer Beware list will be used to warn members of individuals who have documented and investigated cases of any type of fraud, have not paid for items delivered, not delivered items that have been paid for, have refused to make arrangements with those they owe or refused to keep in contact with those they owe. Anyone placed on this list has been contacted by SGN owners, has been given a chance to provide documentation to disprove any claims made against them and has been given the opportunity to speak for themselves.

This is only for the protection of our members and caution needs to be used if dealing with anyone placed on this list. Anyone placed on this list no longer has permission to post ads anywhere on SGN including in their signature, profile, or by our pm system. Please notify SGN Owners/Administration/Mods if you are contacted by anyone on this list for the purpose of selling, trading, or buying. Those placed on this list are NOT banned from SGN, they are just unable to buy, sell or trade on SGN until they resolve their issues and can get their name removed from the buyer beware list.

If you have any questions, comments, or disputes of your own, please contact SGN Owners/Administration/Mods by pm or email.

Please know this is only used as a last resort after several attempts at trying to resolve issues prior to posting any names.

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What is the Buyer Beware List?
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