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 2009 Incidence & Census

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First Time Home Owner

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2009 Incidence & Census Empty
PostSubject: 2009 Incidence & Census   2009 Incidence & Census EmptyApril 8th 2010, 23:19

Have you ever wondered just how many gliders really SM? Or what percentage undergo amputations each year? Or maybe you wondered how often the average owner experiences an emergency surgery (just how prepared do you need to be anyway?). When talking to your vet, have you ever wished you could say, "well _________ is actually more common than we think?" Or "100's of gliders survive this procedure each year." ????

Well, these questions and more are some that the SUGAR group seeks to answer with our yearly incidence and census survey.

The 2009 Incidence and Census survey only takes a few moments to complete, but provides us with a great deal of valuable information for our research.

If you have not already done so, PLEASE complete your 2009 survey by sending a survey request to sugargroupsurveys@hotmail.com
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Terrible Twos
Terrible Twos

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2009 Incidence & Census Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2009 Incidence & Census   2009 Incidence & Census EmptyApril 9th 2010, 07:44

Good idea Very Happy
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2009 Incidence & Census
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