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 Seizure Study

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PostSubject: Seizure Study   Seizure Study EmptyApril 28th 2010, 20:11

The SUGAR Group's seizure study is recently updated to further our research and data collection. If you have participated before in the seizure log, then you will notice that the biggest change is that the data sheet is now completed and returned each time the glider has a seizure episode (rather than quarterly).

If you have a glider who experiences seizures, please be sure to request, complete and return the SUGAR Group's seizure study form each time the glider has a seizure. You can request the form by emailing sugargroupsurveys@hotmail.com

Once the study form is sent to you, hang on to it for use each time your glider has a seizure. We need 150 completed forms to begin to draw conclusions and see patterns.

Thank You!
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Seizure Study
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