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 TGI on TV at the Pet Expo, Novi MI

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PostSubject: TGI on TV at the Pet Expo, Novi MI   November 22nd 2010, 00:16

The Glider Initiative was set up this weekend at the pet expo in Novi, Michigan. We had volunteers come from Michigan and Ohio and wanted to thank them for traveling to help us out.

While there, we were approached by the producer of the local news program, Channel 7 Action News, WXYZ, to do a short segment on Sugar Gliders. So, this morning, Karen Milas and myself, along with our gliders (Rei & Kahlua - Karen's gliders, and Lady Cotton and Livy, my gliders) made their TV debut! Unfortunately, we only had a minute to talk about them, but had several people come to our booth to learn more. A lot of them said "Thank you for the information, but I just don't think they are the right pet for me." high5 We met some people that already have gliders, and were able to direct them to better information, vendors, veterinarian, and diets. Additionally, there was a group there that recently rescued six sugar gliders and needed help with them. TGI will provide continued education for this organization. They were very thankful we were there to help educated them. It was a very successful show!

You can view the video clips at Metro Detroit Pet Expo
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TGI on TV at the Pet Expo, Novi MI
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