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 Animal Poison Control numbers... BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Animal Poison Control numbers... BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Animal Poison Control numbers... BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!   Animal Poison Control numbers... BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!! EmptyJanuary 3rd 2011, 04:05

1-888-426-4435 AND 1-800-548-2423 BOTH are the SAME NUMBER!!!!!!!!!! Yes, sponsored by the ASPCA, but not FUNDED by them. They are funded by individual donations and they both charge $65 PER CALL, and only by credit card. Not only that, but I just called each number and I pressed 1, which is the number they request you press for assistance' repeatedly and got no answer. So people PLEASE delete these numbers from your emergency directories! Thye will not help you!

If your glider eats a pill/parts of and/or particles from a pill... DROP EVERYTHING AND GO TO YOUR NEAREST OPEN vet!!! Even if they are not specifically an exotic vet, they can do SOMETHING!

Something to remember... no vet EVER asks for money up front. EVER! I know it's wrong to expect care for your animal if you can't pay for it. But no vet will ask for money first when you show up crying your eyes out with an animal that you think is dying. You can pay what you have right then, then make an HONEST agreement to pay the balance ASAP. And DO IT!!!
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Animal Poison Control numbers... BOGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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