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 The SUGAR Group Offers Webcast Service for Gatherings

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The SUGAR Group Offers Webcast Service for Gatherings Empty
PostSubject: The SUGAR Group Offers Webcast Service for Gatherings   The SUGAR Group Offers Webcast Service for Gatherings EmptyJuly 8th 2011, 22:26

Are you planning a gathering and want as many people to be there as you can? Are many of your friends and fellow glider lovers too far away or unable to make it? How would you like to be able to share your gathering with those who are unable to attend? The SUGAR Group was able to do just that at this year's RRRoundup through a live webcast that included a chat option for the participants at home. It was a huge success and now we would like to share that with you. The SUGAR Group will provide webcast service for one full day of events hosted by your group/party/person with the following terms and conditions:

* The SUGAR Group is not responsible for the content of your presentation and will regularly post a disclaimer to this point during the broadcast.

* This service is available for educational events only

* The SUGAR Group reserves the right to refuse this service to any one at any time.

* The cost of the service is $209 for the first webcast within a calendar year and $159 for each webcast in the calendar year after the first .

* Webcast service must be scheduled and approved by TSG 60 days in advance of the webcast date.

* The SUGAR Group will provide training for one of your staff members to run the program, but will set up the meeting for you.

* At least one SUGAR Group staff member will be online at all times during the webcast and will terminate the webcast if we feel it is inappropriate.

* The SUGAR Group is not responsible for matters pertaining to your internet service.

* Payment for the service must be made in full 45 days prior to the event.

* Refunds will be as follows:
Refunds will only be offered if the event is cancelled amicably or in the event of natural disaster or family tragedy.
For events cancelled 45 days or more prior to the event date, a full refund ($100%) will be awarded
For events cancelled 44-1 day prior to the event date, a refund of $100 will be awarded.

* This service is for 50 seats only

* You will receive one free copy of the recording of your speaker(s)

* TSG will not be responsible for putting together any of your broadcast materials, ads, etc.

* You will be responsible for providing your own equipment.

* Advertisement for The SUGAR Group necropsy effort and surveys will be posted during your event and you must also mention them both verbally during the webcast.

Please contact The SUGAR Group for more information at www.sugargroup.org or email us at sugargroup@hotmail.com.
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The SUGAR Group Offers Webcast Service for Gatherings
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