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 2012 "Personality Plus" Awards

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2012 "Personality Plus" Awards Empty
PostSubject: 2012 "Personality Plus" Awards   2012 "Personality Plus" Awards EmptyDecember 29th 2011, 19:53

2012 "Personality Plus" awards

As part of our annual celebration of glider research, rescue and education this year, the SUGAR Group is hosting a contest open to ALL glider owners. We are seeking the biggest and cutest personalities for recognition this year.

This contest will feature 12 categories. The community will vote for one winner in each category.

Winners of each category will receive a calendar in which their story/photo will be featured one month.


*You are welcome to submit ONE nomination in each category. You may only submit ONE nomination per category. Anyone who makes more than one submission in any one category will have all of their submissions in that category deleted.

* A special forum will be opened on The Sweet Spot at http://thesweetspot.forumotion.net for the submission of nominations. Nominations may be submitted today through Feb. 11, 2012.

* ALL Sugar glider owners are allowed to make submissions (including SUGAR group staff). You do

not have to plan to attend the RRRoundup to make a nomination or to win a category.

* Within 3 days of the submission deadline, a committee of 2-3 people who do not own sugar gliders (identities to be revealed at the RRRoundup) will review each category and narrow the nominations down to the top 4 submissions in each category.

* Once the top 4 in each category are chosen, then voting will begin on the SUGAR Group's website. Voting will occur on this website to keep the voting secret until the Friday night dinner at the RRRoundup.

* In order to ensure that votes are counted accurately, the votes will be tallied by three individuals at the RRRoundu. The three individuals will include at least one SUGAR Group staff member and at least one person who is not on staff with the SUGAR Group. Votes will be tallied on Thursday, March 15, 2012.

* Winners of the categories will be announced at dinner on Friday night, March 16, 2012. All paid registrants for the RRRoundup (including those who are participating online) will have access to view the dinner and winner announcements.

* Winning photos and stories will be posted in our scrolling ads and trivia during breaks and meal time on Saturday.

* All entries are given with permission to the SUGAR Group to utilize the stories and/or photos at the RRRoundup, in the calendar and on our website.

* Last year's winning photos are not eligible for submission.

* Community votes are final. In the event of a tie, we will ask for votes from Debbie Betts, Brandon Trujillo and one hotel staff member.

** This is meant to be a FUN event and in no way an actual gauge of popularity or personality. Only enter if you do so in a spirit of fun.


So get your cameras and story-telling skills ready - we are now on the look out for submissions in the following categories:

1) Cutest Family

2) Cutest Couple

3) Best Holiday photo (any holiday)

4) Most photogenic

5) Best Forager

6) Best Smile

7) Biggest Wheel Hog

8) Most Social

9) Nature Lover (best photo in nature)

10) Most Adorable (must make us go "awwwww")

11) Best Photo of Glider(s) at Play

12) Messiest Eater(s)

In the forum on The Sweet Spot you will find additional details about what we are looking for in each of these categories.

Bring on your nominations! You only have until Feb. 10 to get them to us!!!!

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2012 "Personality Plus" Awards
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