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 2013 RRRoundup - Call For Donations!

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2013 RRRoundup - Call For Donations! Empty
PostSubject: 2013 RRRoundup - Call For Donations!   2013 RRRoundup - Call For Donations! EmptyDecember 29th 2012, 20:00

It is no secret that the success of the SUGAR Group's fundraising efforts throughout the year are directly related to the generosity of the amazing vendors in this community. We are so very grateful to each of you who have contributed to our efforts throughout the year, as this directly helps us pay our lab bill each month (which averages $400 per month).

As you may know, the RRRoundup is quickly approaching. This is one of our largest fundraising efforts of the year. So, we are calling upon vendors to once again help us out.

This year, we are asking for donations in various categories for the RRRoundup:

* Donation to the raffle (all profit after RRRoundup expenses are paid will go to research efforts of the SUGAR Group)

* Donation to pouch Bingo - safe pouches and specialty sleeping spaces are required for the prizes for bingo this year. Single pouches, bonding pouches or specialty sleeping spaces only, please (no sets).

* Donation to the "door prizes" and auctions for those participating from home. Gift certificates are acceptable as are actual prizes. We will put together several auction packages again this year and will also offer a few door prizes. So, anything is game here.

* Donation of supplies for the event - pens, pocket folders, break treats, copy paper, etc. are all needed. If you wish to donate in this manner, PLEASE contact Val prior to purchase so that she can ensure we don't get hundreds of the same thing. Smile

* Gift bag donations - 40 of an item for the gift bags.

* Donation to our "buddy store" where small tokens of appreciation can be purchased for a special "buddy" during the event. We are looking for candy, toy box items, small glider treats, etc for this store this year.

Because we know that your time and your items are valuable, we are prepared to offer you the following in return for a donation of any size:

1) ANYONE who donates will be listed and thanked in our program

2) Because the RRRoundup is being webcast this year, we have a potential world-wide audience. Therefore, we will be displaying a slide show during breaks which will feature some special trivia and advertisements. Vendors who donate will receive the following:

** Those who donate one item to any of the above will receive a 1/8 page ad with their logo displayed.

** Those who donate to any two of the above will receive a 1/4 page ad.

** Those who donate to the raffle AND pouch bingo AND either the gift bags, supplies OR a door prize/auction item will receive one half page ad

*** Those who donate to the raffle ,pouch bingo, a door prize/auction item AND either gift bags, supplies or buddy store will receive a full page ad.

**** Those who donate to the raffle, pouch bingo, a door prize/auction item, buddy store AND either supplies or gift bag items will receive ONE full page ad AND one 1/4 page ad.

Deadline for donations is February 15th, 2013. While donations will be accepted after this time, we will not guarantee the ads for any donations that are received after the cut off date (this is the date we will begin working on the slideshow ads.)

Please send all donations to:

SUGAR Group c/o Val Betts
604 Deahl St.
Borger, TX 79007

We so appreciate your contributions to our research efforts. Thanks in advance!
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2013 RRRoundup - Call For Donations!
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