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 S.P.I.N. Announcement!

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S.P.I.N. Announcement! Empty
PostSubject: S.P.I.N. Announcement!   S.P.I.N. Announcement! EmptyFebruary 8th 2010, 11:52

S.P.I.N. is proud to announce that we have increased our ranks by three! Co-founders Paula (JaxSuggies) and Julie (LabNGliderMom) are happy to announce to the glider community that we have three new board members who have joined forces with S.P.I.N. to continue our quest for glider education and rescue!

Welcome and much appreciation to Tammy (TWilson), who is our new Director of Public Relations and Rescue & RR Coordinator Peggy (SRLB), who is our new Secretary / Record Keeper and Vet Assistance Coordinator and Kinue (MatchMakersMagic) who is our new Director of Financial Affairs / Treasurer and Director of Application Research. Thank you, ladies, for for joining our ranks as board members in an attempt to help gliders everywhere! We are happy to have you all on board!!

The S.P.I.N. website will be getting updates over the next few days updates to reflect our changes and the inclusion of our newest board members. As always, S.P.I.N. will continue to offer glider education and educational materials and information to the general public… we are currently planning the Florida GA gathering (http://glideritisanonymous.com) in March, followed by a possible booth at the Catfish Festival in Crescent City, Florida in April as a few of our upcoming projects for 2010.

We encourage anyone who is interested in S.P.I.N.’s efforts to visit the S.P.I.N website at http://spin4suggies.com
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Co-Owner and Queen

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S.P.I.N. Announcement! Empty
PostSubject: Re: S.P.I.N. Announcement!   S.P.I.N. Announcement! EmptyFebruary 8th 2010, 12:20

Very Happy

Alicia aka Queenduck or Sissy pouch Queen, ask me where to get them.

Via con Deios, Davie
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S.P.I.N. Announcement!
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