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 We Bid A Fond Farewell...

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We Bid A Fond Farewell... Empty
PostSubject: We Bid A Fond Farewell...   We Bid A Fond Farewell... EmptyOctober 10th 2011, 15:49

Many thanks and a fond farewell from us at S.P.I.N. to the online glider community and to those outside it as well who helped us and so many gliders along the way... It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that S.P.I.N., Inc. is dissolving after a recent Board of Directors vote. In a matter of days, the paperwork will be processed and the S.P.I.N. Facebook page will disappear as well... the website is already gone. We are doing what we can to go out on a high note by donating every penny we have on hand to other worthwhile, glider-related causes. Thanks again from all of us at S.P.I.N.!

The happiest of people do NOT have everything... they just make the most of everything they have!

Hugs and best wishes from
*Julie Hammock*
*Paula Williams*
*Tianna Aamot*
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We Bid A Fond Farewell...
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