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 A good place to go if you are having a glider emergency

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PostSubject: A good place to go if you are having a glider emergency   March 9th 2010, 09:31

If you are having a glider emergency feel free to post in this area. But we are a smaller board and we may not see your post for several hours. Here are two websites I suggest you visit with your glider emergency/health question.

The Sweet Spot

This area is a little newer but you will usually find someone there. They specialize in sugar glider health and husbandry matters and many of their members are vary experienced with medical emergencies.

Glider Central

The largest sugar glider board, the light is always on. Here you should be able to find someone 'live' night or day. They have years worth of posts you can look at that deal with emergencies and a very large emergency section.

Alicia aka Queenduck or Sissy pouch Queen, ask me where to get them.

Via con Deios, Davie
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A good place to go if you are having a glider emergency
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